October 12, 2003

ID 'Toons

I began cartooning as a lark, it was something to occassionally send along to publishers with the articles I was submitting. However I've found that despite my dearth of artistic ability, I enjoy the process and the results. It gives me a chance to offer comment in a way that can be more incisive than the written word.

Besides, it really seems to tweak some people.

Truth in advertising considerations forces me to call this series - I(neptly) D(rawn) 'Toons.

So enjoy. Or at least try not to get too queasy. And if you don't get it, well who's fault is that, eh?. Yeah, you're right, probably mine.

ID 'Toons #7 - Sub-optimal design?

#6 - "Wherefore?"

#5. - Setting the agenda

#4. Discovery Institute Time Machine

#3. The Intelligent Design Cafe

#2. Brothers

#1. Intelligent Design Methodology


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