July 28, 2005

A tip of the hat

Just a quick thanks to Pim van Meurs and the folks over at The Panda's Thumb for some kind words and links in recent weeks. Of course, after first perusing the talk.origins newsgroup (yes, I unashamedly admit my somewhat twisted ardor for the monkey house), the Thumb is my second stop every morning as I try to keep abreast of the activities of scholars and scamps.

The problem is there is often so much linked material of overwhelming interest that I sometimes do not make it to the third stop on my intinerary. If there is anyone reading this who is not familiar with the Panda's Thumb (and I recognize that the likelihood of this is, in Dennet's words, vanishingly small) then I urge you to visit there as frequently as possible.

To those of you who've stopped by here and left comments I extend a welcome and an appreciation for your interesting insights.

If I do not respond to all who disagree with me, please accept that it is my general habit to let the arguments, yours and mine, speak for themselves. But I am nonetheless very interested in opinions on where I might have got something wrong.

And to those who've offered their concurrence, thanks (and feel free to take on those other guys).


Anonymous Pim said...

Love your site. Your arguments are in-depth, well researched and well argued.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous Cowherd said...

Love the blog.

By the way,

Settings --> Site Feed --> Descriptions --> Full

Makes it easier for readers, human and electronic. Thanks.

3:08 AM  
Blogger RLC said...

Pim - Thanks again. And feel free to offer any suggestions.

A.C. - Thank you, and done.

12:01 PM  

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