December 8, 2005

Proud to be a pain in the ass

A recent entry on William Dembski's blog consists of this short and simple observation,
"Twenty years ago: Darwinian biology teacher challenges students with “overwhelming evidence” for evolution, and students who believe in creation/design are left feeling confused and intimidated.

The present day: Darwinian biology teacher is forced to expend a lot of energy finding plausible answers to all the challenges that ID-informed students are levying against evolution."
It is certainly gratifying to know that Dembski is pleased with the role he has played in presenting obstacles to efficient science education. How mature of him to embrace the position of a malcontent off in the corner, unhappy at being excluded by those unwilling to bend to his petulance.

A better mind would have considered the possibility of elevating the discussion, and perhaps even the quality of research involved, rather than crowing over dragging it into rhetorical quicksand.


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