February 1, 2007

Stop the presses!! - New Mex. paper in bed with...reason!

Casey Luskin at the DI blog recently hit the ID/Creationism debate with some blockbuster news. Sit down and hold onto your hats people.

Luskin has uncovered some troubling collusion between the Albuquerque Journal and, well, there's just no other way to say it, the AJ is printing stories in support of...contemporary science!

Okay everbody, calm down. Now Luskin tries the typical ID tactic of reframing the discussion by saying that the paper is "doing their best to promote the viewpoint of Darwinists," thus attempting to separate a supposed philosophical interpretation from the scientific facts. But of course we all know that modern "Darwinists" simply rely upon the voluminous available data, and as such are indistinguishable from those who accept the current biological consensus on evolution. That consensus includes random mutation and natural seclection, it includes common descent, and it has yet to discover any evidence of non-natural intelligent intervention.

In fact, the uncontroversial ubiquity of this view among those who've invested their time and expertise makes it clear that anyone hoping to create a distinction between "Darwinists" and "those who accept current biological science" is indulging in a spurious rhetorical strategem. This would be the behavior of public relations hacks, and that would be an excellent description of Luskin and his pals at the DI blog.

On the other hand, maybe I should worry about the nasty anti-irrationalist proclivities of those New Mexico reporters.

I mean, next thing you know, they'll jump into bed with those crazy heliocentrists!


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