April 6, 2006

ID and SETI - Latest issue of Skeptic

Just a quick mention that an article of mine dealing with the use of SETI (and other legitimate sciences) as analogous with "intelligent design" is now available in the latest issue of Skeptic.

It was previously noted here that this article - ID and SETI, Can Intelligent Design Be Considered Scientific In the Same Way That SETI Is? - can be accessed online at the eSkeptic site. But I'd like to encourage those interested to purchase the magazine if possible. My article appears in a special section addressing ID along with pieces from Richard Dawkins, David Brin, and Burt Humburg and Ed Brayton. Jason Rosenhouse from Evolutionblog also contributes a chronicle of his attendance at a YEC conference. These are serious people with important things to say about ID and creationism.

Another reason I'd like people to pick up the issue is to support what Skeptic has been doing in this area. Michael Shermer and the other editors at Skeptic have been devoting a significant amount of space to dealing with the problems raised by contemporary creationism. Perhaps we can mitigate the cost of their efforts somewhat.

It's not like Skeptic isn't already a great read without the ID stuff, and it's not like you should only read it when they address ID, but if you are concerned with this particular subject and need some extra motivation to crack open your wallet consider my comments above.

Try it. If you don't like it I'll stand on my head and eat a bug.


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