February 10, 2007

More "famous last words" from ID prognosticators

"MikeGene" over at Telic Thoughts strives for Dembskian status amongst ID proponents (I simply cannot bring myself to refer to him/her as a "theorist," even with the scare quotes) as a pompous predictor of Darwinian doom with this post.

The delerium comes at the end. After reprinting part of a review (of the movie "A Flock of Dodos") by Anthony Dick, in which Dick lauds the movie for nailing "irreducible complexity" as a "god of the gaps" argument, MG, who apparently has written a book which is due out soon, says,
"Read it again for historical reasons. Why? It won’t be much longer before this little book comes out. And when it does, Dick’s entire 318-word argument crashes and burns.

Bye, bye, old anti-ID argument(s)."
Just thought I'd document this bit of puffery here for future reference. Of course if his paradigm-shattering little tome does sweep away the "god of the gaps" label and IC research promises a new biological synthesis, then I'll be happy to eat my words, maybe with a little hassenpfeffer on the side.


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