March 8, 2007

Argumentum ad hurt feelings

What passes for news on the DI's Evolution News and Views blog must be symptomatic, I suppose, of a major, long-term lull in the "intelligent design" research program. What else could account for the fact that there is never any substantive ID news released there? And the only views offered are those which detail the persecution suffered by honest, forthright design proponents at the hands of those evolutionists who are...well, they're just so mean!

In a recent post, Casey Luskin (quickly becoming the hack among hacks) reveals the earth-shattering particulars,
A student at Boise State University recently published an opinion article in the campus newspaper, the Arbiter Online, defending intelligent design. In the article Aaron Vandenbos observed that there is a difference between how ID-proponents and evolutionists behave when in debate: “In my experience, IDists, knowing that they are the underdog, are careful to be objective and factual. On the other hand, I have noticed that evolutionists tend to spend most of their time questioning their opponents’ credibility, belittling their opponents’ intelligence, demolishing straw men and then doing victory laps.”


Interestingly, one Darwinist commenter simply said in response: “Stay in school and quit repeating the same tired claptrap that comes out of the Discovery Institute.” I suppose the only counter-response that can be said is that this commenter simply proved Mr. Vandenbos’ point.
Well, forgive me, but I feel compelled to point out that there is another, even more appropriate response: That would be to offer the research data which supports your notion that ID is not, in fact, "claptrap." To demonstrate that there is some acceptance or even interest in ID outside the religious community and the Discovery Institute. Maybe it might even help to show how ID is anything beyond a dressed up god-of-the-gaps argument.

Or, you could just whine and play the victim.

Oh, and I've got a news lead for Casey and his crew. I just heard that down the street and around the corner a guy made his girlfriend cry. Hope they get video.


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