March 16, 2007

Does anyone else wonder... Casey Luskin sleeps at night?

This is a guy who, when he co-founded and headed up the IDEA (Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness) club at U.C. San Diego said:
"Obviously, the question comes up, 'Who is the designer?' Well, the leadership [of the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) clubs] will promote the viewpoint that the God of the Bible is the designer." - Evolution critics meet to create strategy, The Plain Dealer, 07/29/02
Yet he manages to whine bitterly when critics of ID imply that the motivation and basis for the "intelligent design" movement is religious.

This is a guy who accused UCSD of indoctrinating incoming freshmen by making mandatory their attendance at a Robert Pennock lecture without bothering to check whether his facts were accurate (they weren't) and then, in a fit of stunning illogic and paranoid pique, proceeded to accuse those who called him on it of being obsessed with the matter.

And this is a guy who recently has done all he can to attack the integrity of judge John Jones for his decision in the Kitzmiller case in Dover (under the guise of legal commentary), and now has the impudence to cry foul when his victims have the temerity to fight back. In a post laughably entitled Kitzmiller Plaintiffs' Attorney Uses Ridicule and Harsh Rhetoric against Legal Scholars Who Question Judge Jones Luskin continues his current trend of bitterly snivelling over the mistreatment of ID advocates while indulging in CostCo-sized bouts of projection such as,
"Darwinist blogs are infamous for ridiculing those who question the party line until they change their mind, stop posting, or leave."
Given that the Discovery Institute blogs don't even allow comments, and that other ID blogs are the only ones that routinely and egregiously edit out oppositional content, it requires someone with a curious take on responsibility and honesty to utter this kind of bull. In truth, it takes a hack. Only an unprincipled drone with no concept of personal integrity beyond the willingness to fall on his sword for his cause could produce the kind of content-free hit pieces Luskin offers on a regular basis.

If I believed in a soul, I'd wonder if Luskin every worries over how cheaply he's selling his.


Anonymous Dave Thomas said...

Poor Casey doesn't even know what Scare Quotes Are.


Check out "Casey Luskin and the Inappropriate Scare Quotes" for the nitty gritty details.

Cheers, Dave

10:13 AM  
Blogger RLC said...

Dave -

I've kept abreast of your little scuffle with Luskin (great article in the AJ by the way) and what troubles me is that at this point I think he knows exactly what he's doing.

He strikes me as one of those guys who is aware of the deceit in his behavior but accepts that it's in service of a higher cause.

2:54 PM  

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