May 15, 2006

Changing my 'toon

Well, had I known cartooning would result in this much fun I would have ignored my paucity of talent long ago and scribbled away. It appears that one of the crew over at the Home for Wayward Sycophants (Ed Brayton's wonderful coinage) believes he has caught me in a shallow understanding of the issues depicted in my little sketch of a few days ago. The irony of this is too broad yet delicately balanced for me to ruin by explaining the content to my erstwhile critic. But if anyone is interested be sure to read his comments.

All I'll say further is that the last thing I would have imagined with the creation of this cartoon was that I was being too subtle.

Another fun aside is a comment (#4) left by one of the Sycophant's sycophants to the effect that while the notation on the biologist's board looks impressive it is really "unintelligable [sic] nonsense." Of course those familiar with population genetics will know that the equations in question actually deal with base pair fitness calculations.

Surely this means I have to do another cartoon, maybe more than one. And if the boys over at the HfWS can guarantee their attention and analyses I know it will turn out to be a gleefully productive enterprise.

Now, where's my pen?


Blogger Ed Darrell said...

So, on one debate squad I coached we had a guy who walked like a duck. Everybody noticed it, even debaters from other schools. He sort of waddled, side to side.

He was also a hunter, and liked to hunt ducks. He carried duck calls with him on debate trips to practice.

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. According to ID, he is a duck.

I understand that, contrary to ID hypotheses, however, he is a successful businessman today.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Leo S said...

I looked at this yesterday, but I just noticed the clouds and rain falling only on the ID tent. Hilarious!!

Don't sell yourself short Robert, you're quite the cartoonist (if more in content than in artistic ability; I'm not casting aspersions, I can't draw either).


6:47 AM  
Blogger RLC said...

Ed - Are you sure it wasn't, y'know...Him?

Leo - Thanks for the encouragement. And please don't worry, there is no conceivable way you can insult my artistic ability (if in fact calling it that doesn't irretrievably devalue the very concept of art).

2:31 PM  

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