July 16, 2006

Temporary Blog Break

Greetings from Gun Lake, Michigan.

Temporary blogging break in progress while I deal with a large project that takes all of my time and this short Michigan vacation which breaks it in two. I've been keeping up with the doings in the ID/Evo debate as much as possible but there will necessarily be several more weeks before I can actively return to the fray.

During the interim I'll try to contribute a new cartoon or two. For those who have taken the time to join the NCSE (and if you haven't you should do so right away) keep a look out for an upcoming issue of their journal - Reports from the National Center for Science Education - which should include an article I've written describing the fun at the May 12th "Grill the ID Guys" event at BIOLA.

Stay safe, think good thoughts about the Middle East, and don't let the enemies of science get away with anything.

Take care.


Anonymous Archana said...

Make sure to look for the interview that Stephen Colbert did with the E.D. of the Catholic League - Colbert used his description of evolution as an intro and it was pretty funny.

9:12 PM  
Blogger RLC said...

Archana - Thanks for the tip. I'd missed that segment.

Leave it to a thoughtful, well-informed guy like Donohue to so nimbly sum up evolutionary biology with his "King Kong theory of creation."

What a hack.

9:49 AM  
Blogger TEAM T OUTDOORS said...

Hello. Gun Lake huh? Check out my blog about my life "almost" on gun lake. Hence the name "www.almostgunlakers.blogspot.com".

5:41 PM  

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