December 5, 2006

New article in NCSE's "Reports"

Check out the latest issue of Reports from the National Center for Science Education for an article of mine detailing the doings at the May 12th 2006 "Grill the ID Guys" event at Bible Institute of Los Angeles (Biola). You may remember that this was billed as an encounter wherein "intelligent design" spokesmen would answer "the toughest questions" ID critics could muster. As you might suspect, reality turned out to be a bit different from the advertising.

Included is a sidebar with my perspective on the choice of ID critics for the night as well as my reasons for declining the invitation to participate.

There is also a lot of other great stuff in the issue so go out and find one, or better yet, join the NCSE if you're not already a member.


Update - The NCSE has put the article up online. You can check it out here, but I still urge everyone to join the organization. If you were happy with the decision in Dover, a lot of your gratitude is owed to these folks.

That reminds me, I need to re-up.


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