March 24, 2007


I'm sure by this time most of us who keep track of the maunderings of ID hacks are barely moved by the consistently low level of commentary they produce. I suppose it's a kind of neural adaptation, like becoming habituated to a particular odor or sound, that allows us to get on with life without suffering incessant bouts of indignation.

But now and then the jaw drops, the head shakes, and the sensory adaptive bar is raised as a new standard for intolerability is set. Such is the occassion for this blog entry, wherein we have a new winner in the category of hypocrisy.

Robert Crowther (who has been posting as an ID shill for several years but who's commentary has been so utterly empty I don't think I've ever mentioned his name before) has offered us a delicious bit of rhetorical slapstick beginning about a week ago with a post on IDtheFuture called Does Darwinism Devalue Human Life? Note that this is essentially an advertisement for DI fellow Richard Weikart's book From Darwin to Hitler - Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany.

Now fast forward to Crowther's comments yesterday in a blog about how the poor persecuted ID movement is being put upon by some science department professors at SMU who wish to block their rental of a university hall for the purposes of holding one of their Darwin vs. Design conferences. Crowther writes:
The Dallas Morning News is reporting the current view of academic freedom amongst scientists protesting the conference:
While some who are leading the protest acknowledge the need for free speech and academic freedom, they say this event doesn't qualify.
Some speech should be freer than other speech, apparently. The DMN also reports that "[o]ther biologists compared the conference to a presentation by Holocaust deniers." Well, that settles it then, as we've quickly arrived at that productive point in the debate where one side accuses the other of being Nazis. So much for civil discourse on intellectual issues.
(The mind reels as the jaw drops and the head shakes in astonishment).

Except for the minor annoyance presented by having to continually revise downward my estimation of their reasoning faculties, these guys are just too easy.


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