April 26, 2007

You can't swing a dead flagellum without hitting a Steve

Project Steve, the National Center for Science Education's (NCSE) tongue-in-cheek answer to Discovery Institute's "Scientists who dissent from Darwinism" list has just recorded its 800th signatory. With the DI's last count coming in at 700 just a short while ago it would appear that the point about the virtual ubiquity of acceptance of evolutionary biology among scientists remains untouched by creationists (ID or otherwise).

No folks, there is no controversy.

More on lists.

And see the entry - 700 scientists - on this site's ID Glossary.


Blogger kevinwparker said...

Obviously, support for the theory of evolution among scientists is increasing all the time. (Well, maybe not, but that's exactly the sort of thing the Discovery Institute says whenever they pass a milestone with their litte petition.)

7:41 AM  
Blogger RLC said...

Kevin -

Yes, but what's a little prevarication in service of the greater goal of trying to get "rid of the intellectual rubbish that for generations has kept Christianity from receiving serious consideration."

Wasamatta, you don't like having your culture renewed ?

9:53 AM  

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